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Company or other organisation purchasing commercial airtime on television for promotional purposes.An organisation acting as an agent for a producer of goods or services (an advertiser) devoted to developing and placing advertising in order to further the acceptance of a brand product, service or idea.Today, all peoplemeter panels collecting audience data for TV advertising and programme purposes employ active measurement.The Active/Passive Metering system actively reads video and audio codes embedded in the programme and is capable of producing audio signatures as a secondary identification method or as a back up.A notarised statement from a broadcast station that confirms the commercial actually ran at the time shown on the station's invoice.A regional/local TV broadcast station bound by a contractual relationship with one or more networks to carry an agreed quantity of network-originated programmes and commercial announcements in parts of the schedule allocated for network programming.Precise operational definitions of the acceptance/installation rate can vary appreciably across different peoplemeter panels.

In the case of television, advertising clutter may refer to the volume of advertising spots carried by a broadcast channel.Request for an advertisement coming directly from a users browser, as recorded by the ad server.Web server that stores and delivers online advertising to visitors at a Web site.Ad servers will also monitor the number of impressions/clicks for an ad campaign along with other recording and reporting functions.Series of ads displayed during the users visit to a Web site. It is not directly measurable today, but inferred from the measurement of ads called for display on the users computer.

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